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Conduct research, educate students, and transfer technologies to improve soil and water conservation through alternative and proven management practices.


2017 SWMC Graduate Student Award

The SWMC Graduate Student Award is presented each year to a graduate student whose thesis research and graduate responsibilities utilize creative approaches to gain understanding and develop solutions for soil and water conservation and management problems. The recipient's research must be in soil and water management and conservation. The $350 award is designed to assist the student with travel expenses associated with attending the annual SSSA meeting. The recipient will be recognized at the Division Business Meeting.

To apply, please send: 1) one-page summary of current thesis research, 2) one-page CV, 3) transcript from current graduate institution, and 4) reference letter from current major professor/advisor.

Nomination or application packages are due to the Award Committee Chair by JUNE 1, 2017. The requested materials should be sent to: Dr. Clark J. Gantzer (, 330 ABNR, School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211; Tel: 573-882- 0611; Fax: 573-884-5070


Soil and Water Management and Conservation Young Scholar Award

The Soil and Water Management and Conservation Young Scholar Award serves to recognize young scientists who have made outstanding contributions to soil and water management and conservation within seven years of completing their Ph.D. Young Scholar Award. Plaque from division.

Submission: Send all nomination materials electronically as a PDF to Jane Johnson (jane.johnson@ars.usda.govJune 1, 2017. 



Current Officers & Committee Members -2017

 Chair  Humberto Blanco
 Chair-Elect  Hero Gollany
 Past Chair Jane Johnson
 Division Board Representative  Alan Franzluebbers


Annual Meeting Program 2017

Chair – Humberto Blanco


Chair –Jane Johnson | Members –  David Huggins Tom Sauer Alan Franzluebbers

SSSA – SWCS Joint Symposium

Chair – Jeff Strock | Members – Clark Gantzer, Chris Gross, Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Rebecca Power

Duties of Officers | Past Officers and Chairs


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