Legislative Action Network

The Legislative Action Network (LAN) are the foot soldiers of the science policy office. Society members who have an interest in learning more about science policy and the specific ways they can get involved in advocacy, should register to join the LAN. LAN members will periodically receive electronic "action alerts" asking them to reach out to their members of Congress on a specific issue. Action alerts are an easy and effective way for society members to engage with Congress. By joining the LAN, you will be the first to hear about upcoming policy issues or legislative actions and receive instructions specifically tailored to your members of Congress for maximum effect. Previous action alerts have dealt with federal research funding, agriculture or environmental legislation and the scientific workforce. If you are interested in joining the LAN, register below.

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All society members are welcome to join the LAN!
Congressional Visits Day alumni and Core Constituent Scientist Team members are highly encouraged to join the LAN!
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Fiscal Year 2017 AFRI "Dear Colleague" Letter February 26, 2016