Women in Science


The Women in Science Committee is dedicated to:

  • promoting the status of women in the three Societies,
  • encouraging women to achieve professional excellence,
  • establishing networks of women in the agronomic, crops, soils, and environmental sciences,
  • sponsoring meetings to address issues of special concerns to professional women in our sciences, and
  • fostering the informal exchange of information and contacts in support of professional activities of women.


2016 Women in Science Workshop

The 2016 Women in Science Workshop was held at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix, November 8, 2016.

The 2016 Women in Science Workshop (held at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix) featured a presentation by Michael S. Seaver (an executive coach and leadership consultant from Seaver Consulting LLC) a group activity, and an in-depth look at leadership best practices, including material about the seven styles of leadership, building trust through meaningful relationships, and inspirational stories of successful leaders. 

The workshop covered:

  • Styles of Leadership - There are seven styles of leadership - charismatic, participative, situation, transactional, transformational, quiet, and servant - each with certain personality traits of that leadership style.
  • Building Relationships - There are trust-building practices that help with opening lines of communication, managing time, sharing resources, and more.

View the Presentation here.

Special Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors - Monsanto and Bio Huma Netics - for supporting the Women in Science Workshop.
Bio Huma Netics and Monsanto

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