Wetland Soils

Wetland soil processes, classification, nutrient relationships, and water quality.

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Recent Open Access Articles

Temporal and Spatial Variation in Peatland Carbon Cycling and Implications for Interpreting Responses of an Ecosystem-Scale Warming Experiment
Natalie A. Griffiths, Paul J. Hanson, Daniel M. Ricciuto, Colleen M. Iversen, Anna M. Jensen, Avni Malhotra, Karis J. McFarlane, Richard J. Norby, Khachik Sargsyan, Stephen D. Sebestyen, Xiaoying Shi, Anthony P. Walker, Eric J. Ward, Jeffrey M. Warren and David J. Weston
Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Fraction Accumulation with Long-Term Biosolids Applications
W. L. Pan, L. E. Port, Y. Xiao, A. I. Bary and C. G. Cogger

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