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The SSSA Soil Chemistry Division is an active and dynamic group of soil and environmental scientists studying chemical processes relevant to soil systems. We are seeking Society and Division involvement and input from all individuals interested in Soil and Environmental Chemistry. Whether you are a member of this Division or not, there are many opportunities for you to participate. Find out how!

Soil Chemistry Division Meeting Planning- Get Involved!

We would like to make the membership aware of some activities and opportunities for 2017 Tri-societies meeting in Tampa.

1. We are in midst of soliciting ideas for topics for topical sessions and symposia for the January 2019 Annual Meeting in San Diego. We need innovative ideas to keep having exciting scientific programs. If you are interested in organizing and convening a session/symposium, please contact Nik Qafoku ( before April 10.

2. We plan to continue the graduate student competitions and mentoring.  Additional information will be provided soon.  

Other Ways to Get Involved

Our Division holds a Program Planning meeting every year on the Sunday before the national meeting of the Soil Science Society of America.This is an excellent forum for proposing symposia and topical sessions for upcoming meetings. Our Division Business meeting is always held Tuesday afternoon during the Soil Science Society of America national meeting.This meeting provides all Society members with direct input to issues of concern to them. Equally important, this is an opportunity to meet with your colleagues and participate in our lively discussions.

The Soil Chemistry Division publishes papers annually in Soil Science Society of America Journal.  The journal is always looking for eager and willing reviewers of manuscripts.  If you are interested in serving as a volunteer reviewer of soil chemistry papers please contact the Division Technical Editor Sabine Goldberg with your areas of expertise. If you would like to publish your soil or environmental chemistry research findings in Soil Science Society of America Journal, we welcome your contributions.

We are looking forward to comments and input from all soil and environmental chemistry enthusiasts. Tell us what  you think by either leaving us a message on the Soil Chemistry discussion board or emailing the Webmasters. JOIN US!

Ever wondered where soil chemists are and what are they working on ? You are on the right page.

Interested in being part of a worldwide community of soil chemistry and geochemistry aficionados ? Share with us information about yourself and your program. Send us the link to your research program, group website, etc. We will get you connected!

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Donate to Soil Chemistry!

We welcome donations to the Soil Chemistry Division enhancement funds. These funds are used to enhance division activities during the Annual Meeting. Thank you for your support!

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