Napa and Sonoma Valleys, California – March 11 to 13, 2015

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In 2015 the Consulting Soil Scientists Division is planning a 3-day field tour of the wine production country of Napa and Sonoma Counties in California. This year’s tour itinerary is currently being
developed that includes the following highlights:

  1. Stops at several wineries where soil, including soil properties, erosion protection, and management critical to grape production for making of fine wines will be showcased.
  2. Soil morphology between the Pacific Coast and the San Andreas Fault will be observed to learn about soil formation in this unstable environment, including an opportunity for participants to visit and learn at the “ecological staircase” in Mendocino County, where Hans Jenny conducted extensive research on uplifted coastal terraces (chronosequence for pedologists).
  3. Soil management for remediation of contaminated sites and for natural resource management will be explored with local soils experts.

Consulting soil scientists must understand and apply the principles of soil science in management of the environment for food production, natural resources, and within our communities. This trip is intended to provide a continuing education forum for soil scientists in private practice, government, and in academia. The field trip is also open to students in soil science. Not only is continuing education a matter of learning of soils in new places and management strategies, but it is also resulting from the interaction of practicing professionals sharing experiences and information. The goal of the Consulting Soil Scientists Division Annual Field Tour is to expand our access to applications of soil science, agriculture and viticulture, and natural resource and environmental management.


Into the Slot

Photo: Descending into the Slot. 2012 Field Trip to Anza Borrego Desert State Park, CA

SSSA formed a new Division, Consulting Soil Scientists in 2011.  Members can now add this division to account preferences. The new Consulting Soil Scientists Division will helps consulting members of SSSA hone their business skills and embrace new and exciting applications of soil science.

Division members engage primarily in environmental consulting, but the member body includes soil science educators as well as government soil scientists. Consulting soil scientists provide professional services in the form of agricultural and environmental consulting with respect to using soil as a natural resource, especially as it relates to nutrient management, waste management, septic systems, wetlands, erosion, slope stability, land use planning, and land degradation.


The mission of the Division is:

  1. To advance the discipline and practice of soil science by professionals,
  2. To promote quality interaction between professional soil scientists and their communities,
  3. To represent the diverse consulting, service and business interests of professional soil scientists,
  4. To facilitate the exchange of business and soil science experiences within the Society,
  5. To foster professional and ethical conduct in the soil science discipline.

The division has established goals in support of this mission.  See Mission Statement and Goals (PDF)

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